About Us

HYDE Bar is an exciting addition to the Galway social scene. After conducting extensive research we have created a venue unlike any other in the city. HYDE is elegant, stylish and refined, just like the customers we are here to serve. Outstanding service is our core value. The best form of marketing is word of mouth and we intend to deliver a product that speaks for itself, from a genuine and heartfelt welcome when you enter this building, right through your dining or drinking experience.

HYDE Bar has one of the most extensive Gin collections in Ireland and we invite you to be bold like Mr Hyde himself and experiment with unknown potions and concoctions from our menu.

We have a clear focus in HYDE to deliver excellence as both a bar and restaurant, the areas are not mutually exclusive. HYDE is about friendship and company, facilitating great times with wonderful people. We are here for you… the stylish party version of you.