HYDE at Home with our favourite Cocktails

Hand mixed and bottled using natural ingredients, premium spirits and some serious skill. Our in-house mixologist has poured his experience and passion for crafting exceptional drinks, that HYDE have become known for, into this range of high-quality bottled cocktails. Each bottle can make up to 6 delicious cocktails.


Absolut Vodka – Vanilla – Passion Fruit – Lime

700ml makes 6 drinks, Average ABV 17%.

First developed in 1999 in London, the pornstar martini has quickly become one of the most popular cocktails in cities across the world. We combine Absolut vodka and vanilla pods to blend our own unique flavour. Then we add passionfruit juice and lime juice to finish it beautifully. Best enjoyed ice cold in a martini glass.


Jameson Whiskey – Rooibos Tea – Demerara Syrup – Bitters

700ml makes 6 drinks, Average ABV 19%.

First made with Brandy in 1806, the Old Fashioned is one of the oldest known cocktails on recipe. We’ve drawn inspiration from the original recipe, added Irish Whiskey and a house blend rooibus tea and demerara sugar syrup to put our twist on a classic. Best enjoyed with a rock of ice and a slice of orange.


Citron Vodka – Spiced Cranberry Syrup – Lime Juice

700ml makes 6 drinks, Average ABV 17%.

A Hyde riff on one of the most popular drinks of the last 20 years. Our house made spiced cranberry syrup will leave your tastebuds wanting more of this citron vodka classic. Best enjoyed ice cold in a martini glass, or over ice if preferred.
The classic…reimagined.

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